About us

Kayacos is a company that seeks to position itself within the London market as online store, offering a variety of products and services, based on original and innovative designs to satisfy the tastes of unconventional people that opt for creativity in accessories, clothing, shoes and services. 

We bring to our clients the best brands of our home country, Venezuela!

Kayacos is also a window available to emerging designers from different countries seeking to place their brands within the European market.

We hope you like our offer and invite you to join us and share this new adventure.








Founded in 2004 by Pablo Martínez & Carolina Aguerrevere, Hot Chocolate Design emerges into the Venezuelan market as a local fresh and innovative accessories brand, based on the consumers’ need of fleeing away from the uniformity and creative rigidity provided by mass produced brands. 


They define HCD as a design brand which occasionally blends with art as the concept, design and fabrication of each item they produce shoes, bathing suits, purses, bags, home products, among others – is intended to reflect the individuality of each item. Betting on their customer’s need for originality, they offer limited collections and their retired products have become collector’s items for many of their fans. 
The inspiration behind HCD comes mainly from their own lifestyle; their passion for collecting vintage items and certain nostalgia for all of the 
things that made them feel happy and comfortable when they were young. 

In their design brainstorms, we draw from items, colours, textures and patterns that they treasured in their infancy as well as their yearning to come across them again in our adult lives, transformed as Hot Chocolate Design ® one of a kind accessories. 

Their current brands are formed by their main line Hot Chocolate 
Design®, accompanied by its dead twin and dark side, Dark Chocolate Design®. Welcome zombies, Gothic Lolitas, the living dead, ghosts and spectrum with naughty thoughts.

Jeaithania Jasovsky

Kayacos Concept Creator

About our brands


Hot Chocolate Design

Vanessa Boulton

Vanessa Boulton brand offers contemporary design to Venezuela and Latin America through wallets and accessories with its own voice.


SCAD graduate [Savannah College of Art & Design], Vanessa launched the project that has her name in 2005, and she has captured the attention of a loyal audience that in its proposal a genuine and independent point of view.


Her clever use of color and forms earned the recognition of the Miami Fashion Week 2010 [International Fashion Week Miami 2010], where she received the Creative Accessory Design Award, an award that recognizes the Creative Design Accessories.


In 2013 the brand was part of the 'Extraordinary Journal' Coca-Cola Light, campaign in which all beverage Venezuela in custom style to VB cans were distributed.

Within the brand you can appreciate two categories: Vanessa Boulton's line, with leather wallets and accessories, and Color Color, a laboratory where you can find gifts, autogift and affection without remorse. friends things, kitsch things, things that make life happy.


Each year Vanessa Boulton presents timeless collections claiming colorful and optimistic vision of the brand, which never neglects the comfort and practicality. All pieces are limited edition, making them true collectibles.




Carolina Damas

Carolina Damas is a venezuelan designer that has amazing and beautiful jewels handmade in crochet and filigree.


This talented designer incorporated to her job original stones imported from Italy. Her jewels has a presence with its designs in stores in South Africa, Venezuela, United States, Panama and Nicaragua. For 20 years she is dedicated to the elaboration pieces of jewellery and accessories, handmade, combining stones, glass deco filigree style with retro trend.


Some pieces of her collection have been part of prestigious designers Gianfranco Ferre, Roberto Cavalli, Angelo Marani, Love Sex And Money, Clips and other fashion brands.


Her job is considered as a piece of art!!!




Moda Maca

Frida colorful, modern princesses and other pieces with jewelry details is the proposal from the fashion accessories brand Moda Maca,


Venezuelan brand that owes its name to a native word of Catalan. This combination means: Beautiful Fashion.

The idea of making these accessories was a coincidence, she says, her creator Denise Alsina who besides being a social communicator and graphic designer, has always had a passion for crafts. "One day I saw a necklace that I liked, so I made for me and that how everything began,".